Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kicking off the coaching blog

Claire T getting air! Ladies Newquay 2013

by Sara Bird

Welcome to Bristol Gig Club's new coaching blog: this is where coaches can share their ideas, rowers can pick up valuable tips and anyone can debate any aspect of technique and training.

We'll start by outlining the basic stroke but over time we'll get into the details of the catch, the finish and everything in between (and I"m sure there'll be lots of debate on the way - exactly how far should that layback be? Short and snappy or long and strong?). We'll talk about cross training and how to improve strength and stamina outside the boat. We'll discuss coaching techniques and how to get the best from any kind of crew. But as we know, the beauty of gig rowing is that it's on the sea, and everything changes when the chop gets up, so we'll also talk about racing, coxing and how to make the most of any conditions. There's enough material here for decades to come...

We really hope that not only will Bristol Gig Club members contribute and debate technique and training ideas here, but that the wider gig community may get involved and teach us river rowers a thing or two...everyone is welcome. Sara Bird's written this first entry just to kick things off and because she's a keener, but any coach who wants to get involved is welcome to immortalise their ideas here too.

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