Sunday, 27 November 2016

Drilling down on technique

by Sara Bird

As we start winter training, now's the time to focus on technique and distance in the boat - while building up power and endurance outside the boat. It's a great opportunity to reintroduce drills, work on the feedback from Autumn selections, break down bad habits, and have some fun on the water. Your brain should hurt more than your body after boat sessions at this time of year.

First you need to know what makes 'good' rowing at each part of the stroke - so here's a break down of the technical aspects we're looking for:
Technical aspects of the gig stroke

Next, you choose at least one drill, and work it into your long row. The cox needs to introduce the drill, explain the purpose of the drill, demonstrate it, and give it time to bed in - rowers may struggle for a few minutes but the outcome is worth it. Provide feedback and practical tips, and recognise positive change.
Drills for every part of the stroke

Ideally, you'll keep cycling through these drills right up to competing - technical issues are magnified with power, and even Olympic rowers do drills to keep bad habits in check and provide variety.

Match these drills with the spreadsheet in the previous post for more detail about how to do them - and keep an eye out for future posts as we focus each week on a different aspect of training, right up to May. If you have any questions, ask the selectors.

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