Saturday, 19 November 2016

There's a drill for that...

by Sara Bird

About 2 years ago I spent several weekends compiling the longest list of rowing drills, adapted to gigs, that I could create...and then I lost it.

But in a recent computer clear out - look what I found!

Catches too slow? Got a drill for that.
Feathering an issue? Got a drill for that.
Crew uncoordinated? Got a drill for that.
Timing out? For a drill for that.
Hands too slow/fast on the finish? Got a drill for that.
Too deep, too shallow, too slow, too quick...? Got a drill for that
Want to build power in every part of the stroke? There's always a drill for each.

And, in most cases, more than one...

Drills are great to help build and improve technique, to relieve the boredom of long rows, and should be used by any level of crew - high performing crews build drills into their warm ups if there's a niggle they know they need to sort.

Combine these with high power rowing in other sessions and out of the boat training for the perfect combination of power and technique across your training regime.

However - coaching drills requires explanation, demonstration and feedback - watch out for more posts on this.

Download the whole list at - and contact me or add comments below to add more or ask questions.

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